January 7, 2005 - Nintendo in Japan today announced that it has teamed up with Konami Entertainment to develop Dance Dance Revolution with Mario, a GameCube-specific version of Konami's popular dance games featuring characters from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Like in Konami's Dance Dance Revolution games, players dance atop a mat, which acts as a controller for the on-screen title. The objective is to stay with the rhythym of the music, literally dancing to on-screen cues.

Very few details about the game have been released, but Nintendo and Konami did announce that it will use a new dance mat controller. In Japan, the mat will be included with the game. The title will also feature a wide assortment of dance-related mini-games.

The game will be on display at the World Hobby Fair 2005, which begins in about two weeks. A Japanese release is expected this Summer.

Check out the first screens.